TPR20 Pain Relief Cream™

Premium Ingredients | Highly Effective
No Adverse Effects | Long Lasting

  • New approach to pain relief without dependency and adverse side effects.
  • Locally applied where you need it, when you need it for immediate relief.
  • Deep action formula to penetrate quickly and inhibit pain transmitters.
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory & antioxidant that helps fight the cause of pain.
  • Economical. Over 150 applications per tube.
  • Tested by a wide range of Physiotherapists, Doctors, Nurses, Chiropractors, Naturopathic Doctors.
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Benefits of TPR-20 Pain Relief Cream™

TPR 20™ has been successfully used for the ailments below and for many other chronic pain and inflammation related disorders:

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Humn Pharmaceuticals has made profound developments in the relief of pain. TPR20 Pain Relief Cream reflects the modern understanding of the local biochemistry and transmission of pain. This shows multiple physiological events and systems occurring in response to the initiation of pain. TPR20 Pain Relief Cream also addresses the secondary stages which occur in chronic conditions.

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Lidocaine belongs to a class of compounds called amides and has been delivering safe, topical, anesthesia and pain relief for over 60 years. The rapid pain relief delivered by Lidocaine reduces the neurobiological stresses that aggravate inflammation while locally inhibiting the transmission of pain.



Menthol is a naturally-occurring constituent
of the volatile oil found in the Mint family
of plants. Menthol increases the local blood
supply to the skin. By doing so it enables the
absorption of other ingredients in a
topical formulation.



Beeswax is a natural emollient and soothing antimicrobial.
Its use in topical preparations imparts a smooth texture
and replaces synthetic and potential harmful waxes
and emulsifiers. It is produced by bees in the
hive and beeswax has many of the tissue
healing properties of honey.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a super-antioxidant.
ALA protects the brain and nerve tissue
from free radical damage. It also increases
the efficacy of other antioxidants like
Vitamin C and glutathione by recycling
those antioxidants after they have been used.

How to Take

1. Put a dime-sized dab of TPR-20 Pain Relief Cream on your fingers and rub it into the painful area.

2. Wait 2 minutes. If the pain persists repeat Step 1 and Step 2 up to two more times.

3. If the pain persists after Step 2 you are likely dealing with a deep chronic pain such as severe back pain. Apply moist heat (moist hot towel or heating pad) to the painful area for about 5 minutes and then repeat Step 1. In most cases, you should experience relief before Step 3


I have been using TPR20 for some years and find it meets my needs In several ways. It is affordable. It does not appear to contain scents or staining materials. It was also recommended by my chiropractor and massage therapist, who uses it as needed and gives advice on how and when it should be used. In addition to helping with arthritic pain and over stressed joints, it works well on insect bites and stings. For those who are sensitive to strong odours, this cream has a distinctive smell but it does not linger and has not irritated any of my allergies. I would recommend it over many of the heavily advertised products which have been shown to have unpleasant side effects.

Mary Pole

In my practice as a Doctor of Chiropractic and Naturopathic Medicines, I have been using TPR 20 for several years. It has become my 'go-to' remedy for musculoskeletal injury management: aches and pains, inflammation. Chronic resistant conditions such as plantar fasciitis often benefit from repeated applications (3-6 times per day over several days) in conjunction with other physical therapies. I also recommend it as a preventative application before stress or strain activities such as flying (apply on neck and base of skull) athletic and DIY activities with great results. I find that TPR 20 is useful for helping to relieve deeper sourced pains such as abdominal and pelvic discomfort from digestive and menstrual symptoms.

Dr. Kim McKenzie
N.D., D.C.

TPR 20 also has anti-ageing properties and TPR 20 has also been used successfully on animals suffering from joint pain and arthritis.
TPR 20 is non-greasy, absorbs well and does not have a lingering oder. It is fast-acting and penetrates deep into the affected tissue. It is the most versatile pain relieving cream on the market today. That is why I use TPR 20 because nothing else compares.

Dr. Brad Young
Chiropractic Physician

I have used TPR-20 in my practice on clients with painful pinched nerves, arthritic inflamed joints, spasmed muscles and fasciitis. Each client who purchased TPR-20 has commented on how well this product works, everyone received relief quickly and they were amazed as to how effective TPR-20 was. I was suffering from planter fasciitis and tried every thing I could think of to relieve the pain. Within 5 days of using the product my symptoms were 50% better and in two weeks the pain was completely gone. I also burned my finger quite badly and a blister came up immediately. I applied TPR20 right away and in 5 minutes the pain was completely gone and the blister had healed in 30 minutes. Amazing! I think this is the best topical pain relief product on the market.

Daniel Heany
Registered Massage Therapist Toronto Ontario

Hi, my name is Janet from Vancouver and I have been a user of TPR since it came on the market. I have applied it on simple cuts, aches, pains and mosquito bites when I travel back east in the summer and it has worked incredibly well. I have put TPR on all 10 grandchildren when they suffered from cuts, scrapes and mosquito bites, they all call it Nana’s Magic Cream.
Recently I sprained my ankle that I have been icing, heating and applying TPR for the pain (great help). Just ordered 3 more tubes for future mishaps. Every family should have this product in their medicine cabinet.
Thanks HUMN Pharmaceuticals

Janet Jensen

TPR Pain Relief Cream is an effective lubricant that I have used consistently for five years. As a military professional my muscles and joints take a beating. TPR cream helps with inflammation cramping. I used it regularly as part of my health and wellness treatment to keep me combat mission ready. Never deploy without it. This product works and can be a benefit in combination with proper health and wellness practices. I personally endorse this product.

Capt. Sarah J. Foster