We are HUMN.

Ethical Change defines the values of the management team and all the team members of Humn Pharmaceuticals. We are staking a claim to a new and disruptive evolution in the healthcare space rooted in the right values, upon which consumers, clients and our stakeholders have been waiting for and deserve. It is this very purpose that underpins everything we do. It gives us a reason to come to work every day and acts as a constant reminder as to why we exist as a company. We are passionate about transforming our clients’ lives. We are courageous in both decisions and actions and believe strongly that good business means a better world. We are proud of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We are many, working as one across the world to build a better humanity for all.

Healthy. Happy. HUMN.

We stand for a more ethical approach to healthcare; one where the client is involved and informed; one where the company and the products enable the body to heal itself. At HUMN, we carry highly effective products with clinically proven ingredients; free of dependency and adverse effects so that we may safely help everyday people with everyday problems.

Focused on Innovation

HUMN has an ever-expanding portfolio of promising new compounds to confront ailments and discover new possibilities. With multiple innovative products in its pipeline positioned for successive roll-outs in accompany with an increase in distribution and mobilization channels secured by major industry players, HUMN is accelerating progress to address diversified, unmet medical needs in both mature and emerging markets.

The Heart of HUMN

It begins with a promise. Our commitment to helping everyday people with everyday problems goes beyond the products we create, it’s at the very heart of our business. The success of HUMN is built upon our team of people and the culture we embody. We see a direct value when our team is a representative of the people we serve which is sustained through embodying a belief system that values excellence, integrity and respect for all people. It is the lens through which we understand and respond to the unique needs of those that depend on our products. We are devoted to improving the HUMN condition so that we may build a healthier and happier community, one client at a time.


Our Company is lead by these 5 Principles: 


Unleash the power of our people

We are transforming our culture to ensure people can fully apply their talent and energy. We’re creating an organization where people are inspired, curious and unbossed.

Deliver transformative innovation

In our pursuit of transformative treatments, we challenge medical paradigms, explore possibilities and find ways to dramatically improve quality of life.

Acting with integrity

We strive to always do the right thing. With uncompromising integrity at the heart of everything we do, we pursue the highest standards in quality, compliance, safety and performance.

Go big on data and digital

We aim to spark a digital revolution at HUMN, embracing digital technologies, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to help drive innovation and improve efficiency.

Build trust with society

We strive to build trust with society through our efforts to operate with high values and integrity and to find new ways to expand consumer access to our products and treatments.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Diversity and Inclusion
We want our team members to be themselves every day. We embrace diverse perspectives. We value inclusive behaviour. We are passionate about diversity and inclusion because it fuels innovation, drives engagement and attracts talent. Diversity and inclusion is a fundamental part of how we aspire culturally within our company.
Ethics and Compliance
Our approach goes beyond rules and policies. We want to empower our team members to use their judgement to do the right thing. We embrace ethics, from the way we treat our team members and clients, to our emphasis on human rights and equity, to our partnerships with our suppliers. Our company values, including putting clients first and doing the right thing, serve as a compass for our interactions.
Environmental Sustainability
Climate change is now a climate crisis. It is impacting human health and the biosphere in increasingly severe ways. The time to act is now. We work to foster environments in which all life can thrive – through seeking opportunities for environmental stewardship and mitigating climate impacts by managing natural resources.
Research for Better Outcomes
We aim for transformative change, not just incremental improvement. Inspired by the belief that a research-driven organization dedicated to scientific excellence and audacious problem solving can produce products that improve lives, we can find genuine, ethical and novel solutions to everyday problems. Our R&D network operates and collaborates with leading pharma ecosystems globally.